Search Engine Optimization – Best Kept Secrets!

Maintaining a high ranking on search engines requires a constant, dedicated effort on your part. For a lot of us, it seems like as soon as you rank on the first page, a competitor is there to bump you down to page 2. Whether you’re part of an enterprise marketing effort, or a team of one, we could all use a little secret magic in our SEO

Think you’ve tried every search engine optimization tool in the book? Think again. I’m willing to bet there’s one you haven’t included in your overall marketing mix.

Press releases.

A press release isn’t only a way to announce information — it’s also a great little ball of SEO, for many reasons:

  • You can include keywords that people are searching to find your website.
  • You can hyperlink to specific pages on your site in the release.
  • You can publish each press release on dozens of quality websites. Google likes this, and will move you up in search results accordingly.


So Why Aren’t More People Writing Press Releases?

Good question. First, not everyone realizes how valuable press releases can be to your marketing strategy. Second, I think many people believe that writing press releases is
more complicated than it really is. Press releases can be mastered, once you understand the format and distribution options.

Tips for Writing Press Releases and Mastering SEO Once and For All

There’s no need to outsource your press releases — once you understand the rules, you can write them yourself. Consider this process:

  1. Start with a piece of solid news, like the award your company recently won, the major contract you’ve just secured, or a great new piece of content you want to promote.
  2. Find a press release template so you know what goes where. Some websites won’t post your press release unless it’s correctly formatted, so stick to the template.
  3. Incorporate keywords
  4. Find an image to enhance the visual appeal. This could simply be your company logo.
  5. Finally, plug in your info and distribute online.

As you become more comfortable writing press releases, you might experiment by including video or more hyperlinks. For more tips on writing an amazing press release, contact Miller Creative Strategies.

In terms of distribution, you may want to use an online press release distribution site, like Google News, or an industry-specific distribution channel. You can also send your release directly to journalists who you hope will want to write about your brand. If you do send your release to journalists, understand that their inboxes are already saturated with releases, so your best bet is to send your release out online, where you know it can do some SEO good.

Below is an example of a press release. Pay close attention to these components:

  • Headline: Succinctly explains what the release is about.
  • Summary: Tells readers, in a few sentences, what the release covers.
  • Image: This company used its logo. You want something dynamic, but clean.
  • Hyperlinks: Drive traffic back to your website, so that people can quickly see what you’re about.
  • Contact info: Make it easy for people to contact your company.
  • Social share buttons: Provide a simple way for readers to share the release.

Contact Miller Creative Strategies to learn more!

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